HTC Specialty Chemicals for a Cleaner Enviroment Specialty Chemicals for a Cleaner Enviroment
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  Product Description
Highly effective multi-purpose solution for use around the house, restaurant or the work place!  Use for cleaning tables, restrooms, floors and equipment!  Low foaming for use in floor scrubbers!  Easy rinsing leaving a fresh scent to the treated area!  Effective solution for use in food or sanitation plants where malodors are a constant problem.

Features / Advantages Application / Directions
• Contains no phosphates, caustics, solvents, or surfactants with "phenols"!
Floor Scrubbers:                                1:30-60+
Spray & Wipe:                                     1:10-30
Food Contact (Spray & Wipe):         1:128

• Safe for employees! Low foaming for floor scrubber use!
• Special surfactants stop odor causing bacteria leaving treated areas smelling better.
• Readily biodegradable!
• Produces mild citrus scent when using!

Specifications Packaging
• Appearance at 75º F: Aqueous • 1 gal 4/cs
• 5 gal Pail/Cube
• 15 gal Drum
• 30 gal Drum

• Odor: Citrus
• pH (concentrate): 10.6-11.0
• Density (lb/gal): 8.4

Storage Directions

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